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Dan M 11:34 Fri Nov 16
Re: things you dont like about the premiership

I dislike the fact it's not called the Premiership and hasn't for a number of years.

Oh and ticket prices probably.

Actually here's one - scandals and travesties are only so if they happen to big clubs and their players. For instance:

Stoke vs West Ham - Matthew Upson gets elbowed in the face and requires stitches at half time. In the second half Robert Huth punches him in the same area. Barely a mention in the media.

Stoke vs West Ham (again, but admittedly in the FA Cup) - Piquionne scores a tap in to put West Ham 1-0 up. Shawcross, with no physical way of getting to the ball, tackles him from behind on the line and virtually breaks the Frenchman in two, ending his game. No booking, nothing and nothing in the media again.

Man City vs West Ham - Nolan's perfectly good goal is chalked off for offside and the game finishes 0-0. The media reports that it happened, but the headlines are all about City's profligate finishing and Balotelli looking a bit chippy when subsititued.

If any of these three incidents had happened to Man Utd or Chelsea we'd be hearing about nothing but for the following week. Sky would be in uproar, running Special Reports every 13 minutes. Twitter users would be getting themselves arrested. Referees would be banned from training, eating or dressing. Baboon Rape Squads would be roaming the towns of England, forcing people from the streets to hide in hastily-built bunkers where the only sustenance would be the tears of the fragile and innocent.

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