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Q: 2017/18 Where will we finish this Season
a. Champions, you heard it here first
b. Top Six and Europe beckons
c. Top 10 will do me after last season
d. Bobbing between 11th and 14th seems to be our level
e. I expect a dogfight but we'll pull through
f. Going down, going down, going down

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Moved up to yarmouth from Southend in 1971. Old man used to be a used car salesman in Leytonstone and his garage sold the FA cup winning team a fleet of cars in '63 so we had loads of posters, scarves, met the players etc etc. I've got a black and white of the old man at Chad heath presenting the cars to the player's, Boyce, Sissons etc. Mooro was just out of the picture. My duaghter giot the picture framed for me just before the old man died a few years back. I work in the oil biz, travelled quite a lot, and currently live and work in Oman but keep a house in Yarmouth, Norfolk. Get to games whenever I'm home. Love/hate the club, it's in our blood, can't change, never will, don't want to.

Best memories ? 1980 cup run from 3rd round all the way to old wembley. Best game ? replay, same year against Everton at Elland road - Devonshire was simply breathtaking.

Happy days.

Irons !!
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