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Q: 2016/17 End of Season Review
a. Happy with that, tough 1st season in a new stadium and plenty of obstructions
b. After last season it feels a bit flat but I'll settle with mid table obscurity, for now
c. Not good, the Board let us down, the Manager let us down & the players let us down, we need a good window or I fear for next season
d. The season is over deal with it, I'm getting out my whites and looking forward to nights at the 20/20
e. It's over is it, did we stay up, right I'm going to book up my holiday in Ibiza and take my West Ham shirt to wear on the beach, I'm proper West Ham me

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REALNAME - Grumpy old man
AGE - 56
OCCUPATION - Preoccupation is WHU
HEROES - Billy Bonds, Trevor Brooking, Alan Devonshire
PLACE - North Bucks
West Ham 5 Newcastle 0, played Good Friday morning c.1970. (inc. T.Brooking\\\\\\\'s only ever hat trick). Also the only match I ever persuaded my sister to come to. In return I had to go to see the ballet. I think she had the better deal.
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