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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

the straw 9:36 Mon Dec 5
Decent Seaside Towns
Been toying with the idea of moving to the coast. Anyone got any recommendations of areas they've been to? Ideally max 1.5 hours from London on the train. Any New Brighton's out there? Has Margate got any better? Folkestone? Or are they all shite?

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Swiss. 3:24 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Went to Uni at Canterbury. Enjoyed trips to Whistable and Herne Bay.

BRANDED 2:17 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns

I agree. I love the grubbiness of a big City full of characters of all sorts. Paradise is a place you visit.

Alwaysaniron 2:06 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
legrandefromage 1:06 Thu Dec 8

Has nothing to do with the cost of the property in Sandbanks. It is just ridiculously pretentious with people who have nothing better to do than pump up their tits and lips. And you do have bus loads of Asians turning up, if there were bus loads of other ethnc groups black/pink/brown or any other colour I'd say that too. But you don't, you have loads of Asian families, taking a dip in the sea (fully clothed) and then paniking and screaming for lifeguards because they can't fucking swim. And once you're on the peninsular in the summer it takes forever to get off because of the one-way system.

Coffee 1:43 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
A long time ago, I went to work in a place called Cox's Bazar, in southeast Bangladesh. 'It's like Paradise on Earth,' said a friend who'd visited there. We looked forward to it and were met with palm trees, the longest sandy beach in the world allegedly, gorgeous sunsets - truly a red sun melting into the horizon. And not much else. It was wonderful for the first week. By the end of the first month, I couldn't wait to get out of there. It was the most boring place on Earth. Give me a city any day.

BRANDED 1:40 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
You have no idea how old I am and it was a joke.

I'm sure you're looking to out on heavy metal nights.

the straw 1:37 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Haha what a weird little dig. But I'm not really into getting into online slagging matches with random blokes 30 years older than me 😂

BRANDED 1:08 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Southampton/Bournmouth area probably good for setting up a gay club too. Ticks all the boxes for the OP

legrandefromage 1:06 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Top tip that. Don't move to Sandbanks because it is pretentious and you might come across brown people. Not because it is the one of the most expensive places to live in the country

lincslink 12:59 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns

Nice seafood stall and pub on Mudeford quay

lincslink 12:57 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
I live in Torbay South Devon, stunning views and great places to visit. A lovely beach 500 yards away. It does take 3.5 hours by train to get to London though.

Alwaysaniron 12:53 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
I live in Bournemouth and it's lovely. Some gorgeous quiet beaches in Southbourne/Hengistbury Head/Mudeford area. Safe for the kids and some lovely restaurants too. Like somebody said before me though, steer clear of the piers around Bournemouth centre and Boscombe. I'd stay away from Sandbanks too, pretentious and in the some inundated with bus loads of Asian tourists.

Auntie Thermite 12:48 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Every childhood photo of me and friends/family at any UK seaside resort has everyone wearing rainmacs giant wellies and it's either overcast or pissing down.

cholo 12:46 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
We used to go to Isle of grain for a beach trip, nice sandy beach, was in the area a few years ago and drove there for old times sake, except the road to the car park on the beach my dad used to drive down, had been let over grow and was closed off, i was livid.

JAC 12:35 Thu Dec 8
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Most Kent beaches are shit, same with Essex.Stick to North Norfolk or Suffolk.

riosleftsock 9:27 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns

You're not supposed to tell anybody about walberswick, its busy enough as it is mate.

iphammer 8:59 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Felixstowe is ok and has recently been re-developed. Frinton On Sea is nice but I wouldn't go for a swim in the sea there If I lived there. The last few times I've been there it stank of sewage on the beach and there's always a strange haze there.


Walton on the naze and Clacton on Sea are shitholes now nothing like they used to be. Full of druggies and run down.
Covehithe, Walberswick and Southwold are nice.

Mike Oxsaw 8:05 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
What is imposing your 1.5 hour travel limit? That's about Colchester to London, is it not?

If it's just travel to games, I'd be tempted to stretch it and make a day of it when you travel, so Canary Islands seems a good bet.

I worked out (but never actually did) that, while living in The Hague, I could get the early crossing over to Harwich, down to a 3pm game at UP, have a beer and make the late sailing back.

The only reason I didn't was that I had 3 young kids with me at the time and them seeing their grandmother in Witham took priority. Their priority, not yours or mine.

Eerie Descent 7:08 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Northern Sold 5:39 Wed Dec 7

Funny you mention that son, I've done a bulk order for some Andrex Supreme Quilts, as well as some flushable wet wipes, so you can now start wiping your balloon knot after a turn out.

WHOmail me your address geez

Far Cough 6:03 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Are Pesky Ivans the same thing as Crazy Ivans, you know like in Hunt for the Red October?

Northern Sold 5:39 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
Eerie Descent 3:49 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
I bet those pesky Ivan's come along and kick down your sandcastles, Sold0 son?

Fuck me you actually did a stalking post without mentioning my arse.... you'll get there fella... into your stake into hetrosexuality

aldgate 4:15 Wed Dec 7
Re: Decent Seaside Towns
did southwold/whistable/deal/norfolk during lock down. All pretty nice but as soon as you get abroad in a nice beach bar with open walls and a sunny view of the glittering sea the UK becomes a poor second best

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