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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 10:27 Sat Sep 30
Saturday football
Four wins from six have seen Villa climb surreptitiously up to sixth. Brighton have done even better. They’ve won all but one of their games this season and were it not for defeat at our hands they’d be level with Man City at the top. Two managers with a reputation for detail and decent football make for an appealing start to the weekend’s fixtures. It also makes it hard to predict. So refuge will be taken in the comfort of the fence. Draw.

Things aren’t quite so finely balanced at the Vitality. The fence is the most the Cherries can realistically spire to in this one, though even that seems a tad far off. The two managers are childhood friends and seem to share the same barber. This should be fairly straightforward, but it has to be done. Away win.

The Toffees have a couple of encouraging results under their belt, at last, which should instil some of the confidence that’s been painfully lacking for a long time. Luton will want to put a stop to that, but can they? Nope. Home win.

Ninth hosts tenth. Man U are too good for Palace. No surprises today. Home win.

Eddie Howe seems to have a record of getting his sides properly into gear only once a few games are under his belt. Their midweek victory over Man City should have given the Geordies a mega boost. Sorry, Burnley, you’ll still be second from bottom at the final whistle. Home win.

Only one who? Yep, him. What kind of reaction will the Blades show to their 0-8 mauling last week? With luck, their confidence will remain shattered, presenting all three points on a platter to their massive opponents. An early goal will help. Home win.

Wolves have managed four points from their six games to date. An uneven encounter is in store. Away win.

This should be a cracker as two top managers and top four sides do battle. Impossible to say who’s favourite… so: Draw


Forest are still unbeaten at home while Brentford haven’t yet got into the swing of things. They lost their last two league games – at home to Everton and away at Newcastle – and drew at home to Bournemouth. They won’t find Forest an easy opponent. Draw.


Fulham are three places and three points above Chelsea, whose confidence is close to an all-time low. And that despite the billions that have been pumped into the players and staff. How things change – and how Fulham would like to get one over their near neighbours. Will they? It’s hard to say. Draw.


Combine these two sides’ points this season and they’d still be in the bottom three. But Burnley should be too strong for their hosts. Away win.


Former leaders Preston were help to a draw at lowly Rotherham last time, allowing Leicester and Ipswich to leapfrog them into the top two places. Southampton, many people’s favourites for promotion, are severely missing James Ward-Prowse as they’ve slipped dangerously down the table, having lost all their four games this month and shipping 12 goals in the process. They take on sixth-placed Leeds in today’s early game. Michael Carrick’s Boro have lifted themselves from the bottom of the table and visit Watford this afternoon. Millwall in 11th host Swansea (21st), and tomorrow lunchtime sees table-toppers Leicester travel to Blackburn. The Championship is as competitive as ever.

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Mex Martillo 1:00 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football

Side of Ham 11:49 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
We do Mex…. :-)

Mex Martillo 11:45 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Opps, double post as well. Must pay more attention. That reminds me of my school reports. You don’t want to see me ranting though.

Side of Ham 11:33 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Nice rant Mex, but……nerd 12:08 Thu Oct 5

Mex Martillo 11:18 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
No mention of Newcastle’s 27% possession. Is it ok for Newcastle, but not the mighty Hammers?
I hope Moyesi, continues his Europa form of winning with a well prepared second team, resting key players for the Premier and in this case Newcastle.

Alwaysaniron 9:19 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
PSG went to Newcastle believing in their own ‘we’re the best ‘Gallic’ not getting beaten by these nobodies’ attitude. They were outplayed, out-thought and out run (let alone out scored) by a far better team.

Let’s hope the Geordies are now totally fucked for Sunday!

twoleftfeet 8:57 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Lily Hammer

I’d be amazed if they put 5 past us.

We are better than PSG.

Manuel 4:57 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Rodgers' remit when he went back to Celtic was to progress them in the CL and he's failing. Winning the league is not enough.

I fancy we might be catching Toon at a good time on Sunday, that would have taken a lot out of them emotionally, but then again we're coming back from Europe and play a day later.

Alfs 3:40 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Newcastle are going to be knackered after that (quite stunning) performance. I'd rest a few for tonight.

zebthecat 1:35 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Eddie Howe has done a superb job there so far.
I know they are backed by blood stained Saudi but they haven't gone the way of many clubs and just splurged stupid money.
Kieran Trippier was a bargain and so many many of the existing squad are playing way above themselves,
Dan Burn and Sean Longstaff scoring in the Champions League is a good thing.

goose 12:36 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Hilarious watching Celtic concede a 96th minute winner to Lazio.

RBshorty 12:27 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
PSG are a one trick pony. (Admittedly a very rapid pony.) But still.

Lily Hammer 12:16 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Geordies had eight different goal scorers in their 8-0 win, four different scorers tonight. They’ve got goals from all over the pitch. Low possession, yes, but they were going full press all match, even at the end at 3-1.

I won’t be shocked if they put five past us again.

El Scorchio 12:10 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Just as well Moyes didn't follow Newman's advice and buy Alvarez. What a shit player....

happygilmore 12:09 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
The Newcastle players have earned the right to go on the piss for the rest of the week and be rightly hungover come Sunday

nerd 12:08 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Newcastle only 27% possession that is all should count , Playing more Moyes style football than West Ham. They have been excellent

nerd 12:08 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Newcastle only 27% possession that is all should count , Playing more Moyes style football than West Ham. They have been excellent

Alwaysaniron 12:08 Thu Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
4-1. Nobody saw that coming. Mind you they shouldn’t be playing with 11 men on the parkj

goose 11:40 Wed Oct 4
Re: Saturday football
Watching the Celtic v Lazio second half.

1-1 at the mo.
Our old friend Felipe Anderson was his usual frustrating self. Just been subbed.
Kamada looks class.

lowlife 11:20 Wed Oct 4
Re: Saturday football
PSG should be asking for a replay if they lose this

goose 11:14 Wed Oct 4
Re: Saturday football
I’m baffled at how they didn’t give the handball in the build up, I think he actually managed to handball it twice!

The coverage is so one-eyed they barely mention it.

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