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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

PostmanPissed 3:55 Mon Jul 24
Altona 93 Friendly
Just a little bit of info for anybody travelling to Hamburg for the Altona game next Tuesday.

If travelling from the city centre get the s-bahn, S1 line from Reeperbahn station to Bahrenfeld, the journey will take about 20 minutes. Upon exiting the station turn left and take the first right (Friesenweg), the ground will be immediately in front of you.

I've never come across any drinking establishments close to the ground, there is a clubhouse to the right of the ground, but it is very small. On previous visits only one turnstile has been open, once you have entered the ground there is a stall that sells beer by the clubhouse, there may also be an outlet on the terrace down the side of the pitch, opposite the stand.

The ground itself is one of the oldest in Germany and holds about 8,000 with 1,500 of the capacity seated. There is no segregation, a stand on one side, and small terracing running the length of the pitch on the other. The terracing behind the goal at the far end hasn't been used when I've previously been to the ground as it is overgrown, behind the other goal is a grass bank which can be quite muddy if the weather has been inclement.

One guy you may come across is fella called Doc Mabuse, he is the person that takes credit for introducing the skull and crossbones flag at rivals FC St.Pauli. Upon FC St.Pauli adopting the flag and becoming more commercialised he decided to change allegiance to Altona.

Also expect to see people with Dulwich Hamlet gear. Altona and Dulwich Hamlet fans have a friendship that goes back a few years, even to the point Altona adopted Dulwich Hamlet's home kit as their way kit, and vice versa for Hamlet.

Being a midweek game you may be unlucky enough to miss out on the punk/ska party they hold on the decking outside the clubhouse.

For those going enjoy your trip, I've been to Altona 93 twice and loved it both times.

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bruuuno 8:49 Wed Jul 26
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
Arko the Reeperbahn is great because it's seedy and scuzzy and anything goes. In England you can't fart these days without health and safety or the council getting on your case so it's great to go to places where no one gives a fuck and they open til whenever. Plus there's such a concentration of bars in one small place.

Far Cough 8:34 Wed Jul 26
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
Maybe it's the Beatles factor?

Arko 8:26 Wed Jul 26
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
Are the establishments on the Reeperbahn so much better than the ones you get in England or more reasonably priced or what?

Why is the Reeperbahn so appealing to tourists still today?
It baffles me, especially because I can say as a true Hamburger that our city has far more to offer than tits, f**** and Hamburg SV football...far more...

The Ghost of Braderz 7:01 Wed Jul 26
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
If you're anywhere near Reeperbahn fuck the game off and spend a night jumping from one establishment to the next.

Thank me later.

eusebiovic 11:53 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
Dulwich Hamlet and Altona 93 have a fans friendship - both were formed in 1893

PostmanPissed 3:13 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
Yeah, its not the St.Pauli fans I'm bothered about. I can't make it anyway, the original post was just for a bit of a heads up.

I know the Police Station on the Reeperbahn, its by the Burger King.

eswing hammer 2:49 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
Arko l don't think it's st Pauli fans that postman wants to avoid ,but seriously how could a group of football going age lads on a trip to Hamburg avoid the Reeperbahn.?

Arko 2:15 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
I have no idea how many fans will travel from Stoke for this one. And this St.Pauli- Stoke liaison has just been agreed so I doubt their fanbases will be best friends straight away.
And I am not aware that St.Pauli fans would want to start trouble with West Ham fans anyway.

So as long as you remain calm and just want a drink you should be fine on the Reeperbahn and there is a big nick there with plenty of Old Bill to deal with any skirmishes within a minute or two.
They are used to that kind of thing in St.Pauli...

PostmanPissed 12:45 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
Arko 5:50 Tue Jul 25

Forgot about Stoke playing at St.Pauli, best avoid the Reeperbahn then!!

gph 8:37 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
"The ground itself is one of the oldest in Germany and holds about 8,000"

The 16000 eyes of Dr Mabuse?

Arko 5:50 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
I was born and bred in Hamburg and in Germany I support Concordia (based in Wandsbek where I live, East Hamburg) who were one of Altona's rivals for promotion last season, so there is no love lost between myself and Altona.
I hope we beat them at a canter.

Due to their promotion they had to implement segregation recently, so away fans will enter the ground via a separate entrance and you also can no longer lean against the advertise hoardings alongside the pitch.

They basically fenced the pitch in and it appears that fans will now have to watch through a fence, even if you are standing on the top level stair of the terrace. But at least the pitch is very close to the terrace.

Plse also be aware that St.Pauli will play Stoke at the same time and the two grounds are less than two miles apart, so things might get tasty after the Arnautovic transfer...

bruuuno 12:14 Tue Jul 25
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
I used to go out with a bird from barmbek.

Altona is a lovely part of Hamburg

eswing hammer 11:58 Mon Jul 24
Re: Altona 93 Friendly
I cannot attend this game due to a wedding to say l am upset is an understatement ,but the Barmbek boys will be there,l am back in Hamburg on the 18 th Aug l think ,teams like Altona ,Victoria and Barmbek themselves don't often play on Saturdays at home because of HSV and scheiss Sankt Pauli ,so unless HSV are at home ,won't go to football that weekend ,won't go anywhere near st Pauli .

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