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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

A number of posters have been yellow carded and told to stay off this thread unless they have anything constructive to add.This is a thread that has been very useful to so many, for any other posters with scores to settle, argue on another thread.
This thread is sacrosant.Thank you
.email contact address pfdx52@gmail.com

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Crassus 12:10 Mon Jun 5
Re: Anxiety/depression
Pecks, we have had previous communication, hang in there son
Penters speaks wisely and from experience, a good man, his advice is apt

I'm travelling soon but accessible if it comes on top again, as are some really good lads on here, remember you are not alone and most importantly, it is always darkest before dawn - dig in mate and speak - please

paul6565 11:24 Sun Jun 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Good Luck EH and hope all is going well. Best wishes to all who are fighting each and every day.. Never give up, the tide will turn no matter how strong it is.. Lets hope we all get a big lift on Weds night. COYI !!

paul6565 11:21 Sun Jun 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks Luke, all up to date.

paul6565 11:21 Sun Jun 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks Charley much appreciated.

Tomshardware 9:08 Sun Jun 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Peckham, sorry to hear about your mate. Keep talking and focus on some positive reasons to still be here. Try to go somewhere with big open green space, it can help to think and get out of 4 walls. Samaritans are always there as well if you need something non judgemental to talk to.

Pentonville 8:39 Sun Jun 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
These are all huge cries for help and ur feeling like nobody is listening and I get that. I've been there. You need to hold yourself together tonight, Monday everything opens and someone on here can ring on your behalf and get someone to you.
Where are you this evening.
I hope you are gonna be strong and OK mate.. have you got Defjams number still. Give him a bell?

Westham67 8:46 Sun Jun 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
Peckham have you been referred to IAPT ? Trains don't kill outright unless they are 90mph + it's a nasty death otherwise

EH good luck. Look at the stay like a time to rest up a bit and do some reading

Peckham 2:52 Sun Jun 4
Re: Anxiety/depression
The mental health care system is broken. Last Wednesday I called West London mental crisis line at 4am, crying eyes out, suffering from psychosis wanting to kill someone who robbed me.
They said see local GP and get referred back to mental health care team. I saw GP.
Friday I buried my best civilian mate, I am ex army.
After funeral i gave up. Went Streatham Common BR near Crematorium. Left my passport to one side and walked up tracks.
The Police saved me and then my old Colonel from Battalion. Went hospital 8 hour wait and fuck so grateful not sectioned for 4th time in my life. Got prescribed Diazapam and told to return for another dose the next day. i did this. I am fighting to get into hospital called Crisis recovery.. I just want to join my mother and mates upstairs. I am a selfish cunt. Overdosed about 30 olanzapine this Wednesday gone. Woke up today. With ambulance crew and police again.

It seems to get treatment get your brain fixed, not commit suicide, the only was is to be full on psychotic or actually bleeding from self harm..

If not for a charity called Always a Rifleman I would be dead right now.

I am going either, grave, mental hospital or prison simply because I cant get an early intervention and know i am unwell and unstable and missing my dead mate so fucking much x


charleyfarley 8:06 Sat Jun 3
Re: Anxiety/depression
Good Luck EH all rooting for you. If anything we can help with give us a shout

Pentonville 9:41 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Echo all the below eswing

eswing hammer 12:57 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks lads !

Mike Oxsaw 12:07 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Can I add my best wishes on your treatment to the bunch, EW?

You're correct that this thread does seem useful - the examples of posters returning from dark places most of cannot even begin to comprehend offers some support to that claim, and long may it continue.

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:48 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression

eswing hammer 1:39 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression

Best wishes and positive thoughts for your treatment ahead.

If you need/want to share during that's what this thread is for.

eswing hammer 11:15 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks all, my boy is in his thirties now he should be fine ,he will be with Charlie’s boats lot and my own mates from the wentworth !

one iron 9:50 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
EH, How olds your boy. if he needs any help tell him to come to me and the lads,dont worry.

Crassus 8:31 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Chin up EH and all the best

lab 7:33 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Best wishes e h .

eswing hammer 1:39 Fri Jun 2
Re: Anxiety/depression
Reading through this thread it’s good to hear people getting things of their chests,lt seems it gives people real encouragement by sharing thier experiences
Going into hospital next week for 36 consecutive days of radiotherapy, had my planner, scan and dot tattoos last week , l am a bit down about it all atm , just want this hospital stuff to end ,gutted l won’t be out there next week ,l would have had a ticket ,even just to look after my lad, Stay safe everyone who is going out there next week

COOL HAND LUKE 8:51 Sun May 28
Re: Anxiety/depression
paul6565 8:16 Thu May 25

...and you'd had your Covid mRNA 'vaccines', no doubt..?

charleyfarley 9:31 Thu May 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Well done paul good luck and thanks for sharing mate

paul6565 8:16 Thu May 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Had a good read through this thread the very best to all that are trying and in recovery.
I had a shock heart attack July 2022 and was a fully fit running 30 miles a week condition person.. But you just never know. I am on my way back now after two heart ops and four stents.. The mind is the worst thing after this kind of illness and therapy has brought me a long way. I recommend this treatment after always saying no.

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