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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

A number of posters have been yellow carded and told to stay off this thread unless they have anything constructive to add.This is a thread that has been very useful to so many, for any other posters with scores to settle, argue on another thread.
This thread is sacrosant.Thank you
.email contact address pfdx52@gmail.com

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ted fenton 5:54 Fri Jan 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
Cheers 67 the prognosis of Ascities is not good but take each day as it comes now.

That's great what you're doing getting fit and helping people as a volunteer forget the cnut that's up his own arse helping the homeless is far more important than that shit.

Good luck with the Oxfam shop.

Westham67 3:16 Fri Jan 27
Re: Anxiety/depression
one iron 9:30 Wed Jan 25

Ask him to join us on WHO

CBT this morning . We are working on my sleep and daily structure . I have an off peak gym membership for a gym a 2 minute walk away so I will do a 5am and 3 times a week and go from there. I worked as a volunteer in the kitchen giving free food to the homeless on Sunday I really enjoyed it but the volunteer manager was proper up his own arse and just working with the homeless for his own hero status he had no compassion for them whatsoever . I am waiting for a reference to come through to do some voluntary work in the OXFAM shop in Canterbury

Ted you did the hard part by going on the wagon many drink themselves to death

ted fenton 1:47 Wed Jan 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks lads as said before this thread is priceless !!!!

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:24 Wed Jan 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
ted fenton 11:44 Wed Jan 25

I can recall days that the Black Lion where we used to put 3 litres into it!

Those days are of course gone and you find other ways to enjoy and appreciate life so keep going forwards and get physically well to match your positive outlook.

zico 1:18 Wed Jan 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Good news Ted.

happygilmore 12:02 Wed Jan 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
That sounds positive Ted. Good to hear.
Keep following the medics advice.

ted fenton 11:44 Wed Jan 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Just spent another 2 days in Colchester General to have fluid (Ascites) drained from my stomach they actually took just under 3 litres of fluid from me...I can now breath normally again !!!
Thank you NHS

one iron 9:30 Wed Jan 25
Re: Anxiety/depression
Iwant to send best wishes to my friend dave larkin, whos in a bad place at the moment. we are all behind you mate, dont give up.

Tomshardware 1:59 Tue Jan 24
Re: Anxiety/depression
kin ell Fenton, glad you are still with us, keep plodding on.

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:37 Sun Jan 22
Re: Anxiety/depression

zico 7:39 Fri Jan 20

That is good news, hope you enjoyed that bonus heating.

Willtell 11:23 Sun Jan 22
Re: Anxiety/depression
I'm glad you guys are on the up with better news. And a 2-0 win always cheers us up as well.

Crassus 1:02 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Best wishes to all, good to see some positives
Chin up to all

Pentonville 12:00 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Great news Zico.
Westham67 also good but to me the word unravel is such a negative. Open up is a better phrase right mate?
The stadium will unravel today should we go 1 nil down...

ted fenton 11:51 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
zico 11:41 Sat Jan 21

Yes it does make you think Zico most of us are guilty of that.

Will you well mate.

ted fenton 11:48 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Good to hear 67 hope your score continues to come down

My bleed has left me with fluid in the stomach (Ascites)
but I'm having it drained on Monday I feel fecking pregnant

zico 11:41 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks Westham. I should just be grateful that this time at least it was the other way around. The dermatologist did sort of apologise for the worry that the text I received from my photos suggested it was basal cell carcinoma but I am sure many have seen her with something GP's have suggested was nothing and it turned out to be something. Sadly happens all the time. She did say if it has been that BSC is generally small, grows slowly and in a majority of cases won't spread and they can get rid of it. She did say something interesting though that does make you think. I said I was surprised because I always wear a hat if working outside or on the golf course., She said "ah, but you wouldn't have done 30 years ago!". Makes you think.

Westham67 7:24 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Zico that happened to brother he was told by his GP after he had a blood test that he internal bleeding , my dad died of bowel cancer , so obviously that shook him up and 6 months later he did not have internal bleeding according to his GP

Due a few factors like having an official address and having sickness benefit and UC which means I do not have to borrow money from my family to get by my depression score has gone from 23 severe to 13 slight, The CBT is helping to unravel me

Mike Oxsaw 5:53 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
I think we all like good news on here, even the "real men" among us.

Glad to see so many positive posts recently, but if anybody's still lurking with their problem - especially those that have not, for whatever reason, chosen not to post (again for a while) are reading this - we're still here, and we're still listening,.

Westham67 4:52 Sat Jan 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Good news its the angst you have to go through thats not nice

zico 7:39 Fri Jan 20
Re: Anxiety/depression
Well all was fine. Merely a long term irritated piece of skin that didn't react well to as I said below scratching my head over Moyes team selection, and a couple of ingrown hairs didn't help matters! Seems a bit pathetic now, pity the doc couldn't tell me that last February! Anyway thanks for support gents, treating myself tonight by putting the heating on!

zico 3:12 Thu Jan 19
Re: Anxiety/depression
MPI thanks mate will do.

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