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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

camel-with-3-humps 10:49 Tue Apr 28
Piers Morgan: p***k or good bloke?
He’s now in a rant with Sugar. In the news a lot these days with GMTV and Mail.

Cunt or good bloke?

Thoughts anyone....

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Mike Oxsaw 5:02 Wed May 6
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?

Queens Fish Bar 11:19 Tue May 5

Just hope they're all current permanent UK residents.

Queens Fish Bar 11:19 Tue May 5
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?

50000 customs agents being recruited by govt.

Brexit dividend.

Mike Oxsaw 10:32 Tue May 5
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Gentile 8:28 Wed Apr 29

The UK has no national industries left apart from the NHS to mop up the unemployable.

When I joined the GPO in 1973, it "employed" 250,000 people, about two thirds of which were, even then, not then needed and never would be.

Some just sat around playing cards & drinking tea, some ran their own businesses from GPO offices and some even came in, signed on then fucked off to work somewhere else.

British Rail was the same, as were nearly all other such state owned industries.

When the governments of the day sold these off there was a spree of cost cutting & job shedding. The only place left for some was the NHS.

Now factor in immigrants who fully understood the system but not the culture or the customers' requirements (or maybe just didn't even care) and saw administration in the NHS as a lucrative opportunity to get all their friends and family on the gravy train.

Little wonder NHS administration is fucked; many can't even read the words of the NHS anthem, and even less understand the actions.

Toe Rag 9:44 Tue May 5
Re: Piers Morgan: p***k or good bloke?
Covid 19 is now self isolating after coming within 2 metres of Piers Moron.

geoffpikey 9:11 Tue May 5
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
The government defined him as such, he says. That's how/why all media has continued, albeit in skeleton-staff / social distancing formats.

Testing didn't happen with his co-presenter Susanna Reid but that was a few weeks back. Rules on "essential workers" and
testing have since changed.

He was referred for testing by his GP. If he was denied a test, govt would be accused of "shutting down" dissenting voices.

He's still a bellend. But not sure he's done anything wrong or hypocritical in this case. Same would probably apply now to Julie Etchingham, Kay Burley, whoever....

Or do I misunderstand your point?

Feed Me Chicken 8:41 Tue May 5
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
so this fool gets symptoms and tested as he’s an “essential worker”

His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

geoffpikey 2:26 Fri May 1
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Back to Morgan.

From this week's Popbitch:


Back in his newsroom days, one of the ways that Piers was known to exert his masculinity was by placing his foot up on the desk of any attractive female reporter he was talking to; a move that made his crotch a little more prominent than was perhaps necessary.

One afternoon, Piers had assumed this position on someone's desk and was telling her that he would pay for her to fly anywhere in the world to get a story. One veteran reporter who had just stumbled back from an eight-pint lunch overheard this offer, so grabbed his passport – which he kept in one of those big leather holders.

Full of liquid courage, he shouted "You might as well have this, because you never fucking send me anywhere" and flung it full force at his editor.

Thanks to Piers' stance, it caught him square in the knackers.

wansteadman 1:28 Fri May 1
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
There’s lots of examples of how we spend miney, when we are denying old people cataract operations because of a lack of funds, if we suddenly started spending billions getting ready for something that may not come then everyone would be up in arms. Reminded me of a few years ago when we had a heavy fall of snow and the buses were off the road for a couple of days and everyone was moaning why havnt we got snow ploughs, which were an absolute fortune to buy and wouldn’t have been used again. One minister said on tv that if every 20 years we have a snow storm which fucks us up for a few days then we have to put up with it

Bungo 10:30 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Like most organisations (especially those as large as the NHS), you will find good and bad at all levels.

Sweeping statements about whole tiers being good or bad are poorly informed and overly simplistic.

You will find some outstanding people in senior jobs (jobs which I would not take for 10 times what they are paid).

Equally there are some appalling nurses. Some you would not want looking after your dog.

Far Cough 9:15 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Another thing, Matrons, bring the Hattie Jacques dragons back and you won't see too much MRSA anymore

Fifth Column 9:12 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
The operation Cygnus exercise was cross departmental. It was not in any way a specifically nhs thing. It looked at how a pandemic would affect all areas of public life, services, the economy etc. In December 2016 after that exercise the Chief Medical Officer is on record as saying the exercise said the NHS would struggle to cope.

It is therefore entirely government responsibility that this was not acted upon. Either government explicitly orders NHS to use existing resources or it gives additional resources. Government ministers are responsible for directing elements of public health policy that are of vital national interest. The government failed to do so. It's a disgrace. I'm astonished at all the people making excuses for the government failing to govern.

When there are localised NHS failings it does sometimes seem unfair when government ministers get criticised. This is not one of those times.

ChillTheKeel 9:00 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Gentile 8:2

No doubt the NHS was to blame for inexplicably allowing events like Cheltenham to go ahead too.

WHU(Exeter) 8:51 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Gentile, well if that is the case and it is so entrenched, then who has the ultimate responsibility to have changed that situation, given that the job for life cronyism is supposed to be so rampant and there are inefficiencies abound?...a set up like that is hardly going to change itself?

If that is/was the case then it is the governments responsibility to change that situation, the organisation won't, the public who pay for it can't.

This has been levelled at the NHS for years now, if it is that bad then the government had the responsibility to change things.

Gentile 8:30 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
And don't get me started on care homes. Those shiesters cream it in and should be putting their own ppe.

Gentile 8:28 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Let's be honest here please.

The NHS is a bloated organisation full of middle and upper management jobs for lifers all sponging the shit out of the system. The Nurses on the front line are the exception here.

My other half works in social care and the organisation structure within her country council wouldn't last five minutes in the private sector. Her director has three reports below her between her and my wife and my wife is fairly senior. It's pathetic and in place to give people jobs and careers for life. The public sector is a plodding bloated inefficient operating model. It has been for ages. You all know it to be true so stop blaming the government. The NHS has a procurement department full of people on hundreds of thousands of pounds a year with loads of tenure, paid to make sure we are have the right resources in place. They failed miserably to prepare for this situation and to suggest that it is Borris Johnson's fault is ridiculous. Unless you are Piers Morgan.

Bungo 7:25 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Far Cough 4:43 Wed Apr 29

They won't get any thanks for it as they aren't as media friendly as a nurse in a visor, but the work that has been done recently by NHS upper management and pen-pushers to completely re-organise hospitals, and create entire new ones is actually staggering.

Many have been working all waking hours, 7 days a week to organise the innumerable things that have been changed over the last few weeks behind the scenes.

Fo the Communist 7:19 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
You are correct.
All NHS trusts are legally required to submit annual governance reports - that must satisfy Government auditors - outlining the processes in place to ensure the proper management of public funds.

WHU(Exeter) 7:12 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Cough...that has been one argument for quite a few years now, perhaps they do have the adequate funds and maybe it is mismanagement or a lack of organisation and cohesion that has ended up with the situation as it is, rather than lack of funding.

But if that were the case...it's public money which funds this the NHS along with many other public services, via government.

As with any other service that the government is pumping into, if there are consistent examples of broad misspending or huge oversights, then isn't it the governments responsibility to pull those institutions up on those things? Question things and have some kind of idea about where the monies have been spent and misspent?

That happens with other public institutions

If it hasn't happened with the NHS and this mismanagement of funds has gone on for so long and public money has been misspent, then isn't it the governments responsibility to ensure that changes are put in place to make that stop?

Far Cough 4:43 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Maybe the NHS should trim some of the upper management and fucking pen pushers before anyone starts screaming about the government not funding it adequately

, 4:40 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Everyone knows that the NHS does not have the funds to satisfy every need. We hear regular stories of expensive drugs either not being available or rationed out in a way that some can benefit but others miss out.

So the organisation has to make choices on where to allocate its funds. Now we know that the NHS did not spend sufficient on holding PPE stocks in quantities enough to withstand a pandemic. Naturally those with 20/20 hindsight can criticise the NHS over this like they would if the NHS had spent an enormous amount of money on a what if pandemic such that some day to day treatment services suffered.

In short the NHS might have spent its money wrongly, and that is their fault, but it is surely the government is culpable for the NHS being short of money.

Far Cough 3:30 Wed Apr 29
Re: Piers Morgan: P***k or good bloke?
Should take a leaf out of Andrew Neil's book, on how to raise important questions without being a rude cunt

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