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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Alfs 1:08 Mon May 24
Such a talented player who lets himself down with his histrionics. The way he reacted to a tap on his face was ridiculous and never a sending off Would he go down like that in a pub car park?

Pathetic and a shame.

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BeauLarkyBuff 10:25 Tue May 25
Re: Grealish
Both of Vardys penalties were blatant dives and Grealish is just a big girls blouse.

fraser 9:47 Tue May 25
Re: Grealish
Just seen that for the first time. Grealish should get banned.

Iron Duke 9:03 Tue May 25
Re: Grealish
Acapulco has had his red card overturned. So does that mean that Grealish will get punished?

Razzle 1:53 Tue May 25
Re: Grealish
If he is your player you don't give a shit as it invariably draws the foul.....For everyone else though.....
Stick him in an England shirt and he goes down a wins a pen...beer falls from the ceiling.

The fickle world of football

Kaiser Zoso 1:12 Tue May 25
Re: Grealish
Noticeable how the pundits studiously swerve any form of conversation about who initiates contact. For me, if anyone has to make a move toward an opponent to initiate contact, without which they may not have been any, then that should be taken into consideration.

Helmut Shown 12:31 Tue May 25
Re: Grealish
Vardy engineered the first penalty by placing his foot in the way where he knew the defender's foot was going then throwing himself to the ground. Ive seen this done by Son, Salah, Glenn Murray and others. I wouldnt have awarded it I'd have booked Vardy for cheating. Its about time referees got hold of this it is a plague on the game.

Hermit Road 3:25 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Manuel 1:59 Mon May 24

It's that level of devastating wit that makes you have have to buy your 'company'.

I.want.that.one 3:24 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Ollie Watkins had been booked a couple times for diving.

Pretty sure one of ours got a yellow for simulation early on this season?

nychammer 3:01 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Vardy dive yesterday for the second Leicester penalty - very cleverly done

Lee Trundle 2:54 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Can anyone recall a player being booked for diving this season?

I don't think VAR has reduced the amount of diving that's happened, by the way. It still happens.

GreenStreetPlayer 2:49 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
If you showboat the players are up in arms and want your blood. After tackling, if a player falls and rolls over 3 times possibly getting you booked or sent off, the players seem to accept that. Then god forbid if someone is laying on the floor feigning injury and someone catches them, they jump miraculously to their feet wanting blood.
Strange lot!

Chigwell 2:47 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
The blame lies with the PL referees (including VAR) for all this play acting by players. The replay clearly showed no more than a light tap on Grealish's face and a complete over-reaction by him. The ref decided to send him off nevertheless. No wonder the players think (and maybe are instructed) that cheating is an acceptable part of the game. In the Spurs match, I thought that the first penalty won by Vardy was justified - the defender stuck out his heel to stop Vardy's run. But the second one was clearly bought by Vardy by tangling arms with the defender and tumbling over. Again, any decent ref would have seen this and not awarded a penalty. Because of this, despite my hatred of Spurs, I was glad that Leicester lost.

Vexed 2:06 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
deanfergi 1:18 Mon May 24

You mean the Scott Parker that suddenly caught a mystery injury at the pivotal moment of our season that just happened to coincide with with him agreeing to move to fucking Tottenham that ended up with us being relegated? Is it that one you're talking about?

fraser 2:03 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
He is an outstanding talent, exciting to watch and then he spoils it by rolling around screaming.

Manuel 1:59 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Hermit - I would much rather see you repeatedly punched in the head over one of this countries outstanding talents.

Hermit Road 1:56 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Sometimes the only reasonable response to something is extreme violence. Grealish should be punched in the head repeatedly until he stops doing these shenanigans

deanfergi 1:18 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
I'd take a Scott Parker over a cheating, snide cunt like Grealish any day of the week, despite who's the better player...

Vexed 1:00 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Cunt that he is, if he was a West Ham player we'd fucking love the bloke.

Definitely worth a place in the England squad and probably worth a spot on the bench at least. On his game the bloke is excellent, a nightmare for defenders.

Coufal ate the cunt for breakfast of course but most defenders wouldn't relish playing against him.

Far Cough 12:54 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
The thing is, if someone has genuinely been seriously hurt, they rarely if ever, scream or roll about

goose 12:53 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
if he got that horrible little Spanish shit sent-off then hes gone up in my estimation.

swindon hammer 12:51 Mon May 24
Re: Grealish
Di Canio used to tactically draw fouls from the opposition all the time.

Not forgetting his theatrics when diving/rolling around on the ground.

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