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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

charleyfarley 9:06 Mon Jan 17
⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
    London Stadium
    Sat Feb 19th 12:30 GMT
    VAR Jarred Gillett

Chris Kavanagh: (11) - 45 2

Fabiański, Fredericks, Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell, Rice ©, Souček, Bowen, Benrahma, Fornals, Antonio Subs: Areola (GK), Johnson, Diop, Alese, Noble, Král, Chesters, Vlašić, Yarmolenko

Dubravka, Targett, Schär, Burn, Krafth, Shelvey (c), Willock, Murphy, Joelinton, Fraser, Wood
Subs: Darlow (GK), Dummett, Lascelles, Fernández, Almirön, Gayle, S. Longstaff, Bruno Guimarães, de Bolle

West Ham 7/10: Draw 14/5: Newcastle 4/1


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daveyg 1:04 Tue Feb 22
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
I'd go for that as well.
Was saying that earlier too.
Antonio got both his Jaimaca goals from coming from the left.

daveyg 12:58 Tue Feb 22
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Okoflex mainly plays on the left of a front 3.
Perkins now down the middle and Chesters on the right.
Mipo was playing down the middle until he went out on loan.
Okoflex has though played down the middle

Lertie Button 8:13 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Which flank does Okoflex play on, stick him on the right play Bowen down the middle ( the best no 2 striker in the country according to Moyes) and bobs your uncle.
Need to get a joiner in to accommodate Antonio's ample arse on the bench but s few weeks there might get his interest back.
Fuck me we need to change things

Sir Alf 6:42 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Vlasic to replace Antonio as a false 9 like Gundawan does for City.

*** taps nose ***

Ron Eff 4:21 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Fredericks is an abysmal footballer. I genuinely don’t know how he has made it to this level, pace aside, and that pace becomes irrelevant when you’re not smart enough to use it properly or be able to read a game, hence his yellow card on Saturday, which meant he was even more of a waste of space, given he became a red card waiting to happen.

Johnson is far better defensively, and that should have been the decisive factor on who played, irrespective of whether Saint-Maximim started or didn’t.

Texas Iron 3:14 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1

We’ve been tired and out of form for weeks…two months even…

Moyes been in denial…

Thick Jock…!!!

master 1:53 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Fredericks played coz Moyes wanted to combat the ASM threat. He was picked 5 days before the game began. Then it was revealed he wasn't playing, and the slow decision maker made a slow decision and only fixed the catastrophic mistake after 45 minutes of completely out of position at all times play. That yellow he got was hilarious, the only strength he has is pace and yet he takes out a bloke who can't beat him for pace on the half way line. Dumb.

threesixty 1:25 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
if the record bids were real (the Leeds players) then its all on Moyes.
As he is saying the board did everything he asked them to do and couldn't have helped more.

So either Moyes wasn't being realistic or pragmatic with what he asked for or he really didnt believe the squad would suffer much without additions. Either way, he fluffed it.

Other clubs did business at affordable levels. Its all on Moyes this one. He needs to own it, just as he owned the great finish last season.

martyboy 1:24 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Has anyone else mentioned how poor Fredricks was on Saturday? Pretty embarrassing getting hooked at half time on your first full start of the season!! Awful player.

Romfordboy 12:44 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
I’m not sure it’s all on him…

He identified targets that the board failed to land. Then sully offered up inadequate substitutes that Moyes rejected.

I don’t want anymore sully specials. Obviously crunch summer now with so many replacements needed…

13 Brentford Rd 12:25 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Moyes has been been saying we're tired and out of form, hoping it turns around for months now.

Didn't bother adding to an already tired and paper thin squad with gaping holes in January, no excuses. All on him!

Sven Roeder 12:07 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
My biggest concern is that Moyes talks about us not playing at our best and hopes we turn it around.
Which implies we will keep doing the same thing with the same players (some of whom are struggling badly) & expect things to change.

Soucek is one who is a shadow of last season. His whole game has fallen apart.
Not sure if has been mentioned on here but MOTD said Coufal was missing with a hernia problem. Which might explain his Leicester performance particularly.

master 12:03 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Watched Antonio during the warm up beforehand.

Everything he hit with his feet was either after a poor first touch, meaning he'd never have got that shooting opportunity in the first place, or a terrible hit straight over the bar or wide.

However, everything which he managed to head, went pretty much into the corners of the goal, leaving the keeper static.

He doesn't even know his own strengths.

Hammer and Pickle 11:43 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
The problem is ball control and retention in the final third; it won’t be resolved until Moyes starts to play Vlasic in a central role. This indicates Antonio in played as an impact sub after 60 minutes.

threesixty 11:32 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
We line up as a 4-2-3-1
but because Antonio cant be bothered to play centrally it's just a 4-3-3 with one player (Antonio) that cant hold the ball and link up anymore.

Our defence, and midfideld isn't bad at all.

The issue is we are creating chances because of 2/3 players. Antonio and Soucek/Rice.

What we had last season is control in that final third. It's just disappeared. We need a player that can overload that midfield. Antonio either needs to stay in the middle or not play.

There is a reason why we do better when Lanzini is playing. He can control the ball in that final third . Benny loses the ball too much which is why Moyes gets frustrated.

I'd probably drop Soucek for Vlasic and that would change everything really. He's strong and doesnt lose the ball. Could easily do a better job that Soucek at the moment.

OccupyGreenStreet 11:25 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Thought Willock and Joelinton showed far better movement on and off the ball than our midfield. Similar last week when Dewsbury-Hall and Tielemans had too much for us. Looks as if we’ve run out of gas in midfield, and Soucek and Fornals have dipped in effectiveness at the same time and there’s nobody to come in.

Rossal 10:46 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
I think Bissouma is the one to get, Anguissa might also be available from Fulham who looked decent last season.

Cornet and Sarr id also target if they drop.

But agree January will have a lasting negative impact as suspect Rice will go in summer now.

Sir Alf 10:40 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Good summary Rossal

Aside from a striker and left back the central midfield needs another real quality player. Someone like Phillips from Leeds who Sullivan pretended to go for. Bissouma ( dodgy character though ) or someone like that who is quick strong but can also pass accurately in tight situations ( when we are pressed). Also have 3 or so players who give it away or waste possession every time. Antonio, Benrahma, Fredericks, Dawson , Coufal, even Zouma. Technically several of them are not the best and that limits the way we play. Benrahma has skill but his final ball or shots are atrocious. He is still a proverbial “luxury “ type player IMHO.

Vlasic is tidy and now stronger on the ball and rarely gives it away. He’s very unselfish and needs to be tried centrally in the number 10 role which was where he played in Russia to get footballer of the year. Until played there we will not know if he is s a dud or not.

4 or 5 quality upgrades needed and soon as the team is the second oldest in the league league I think? We will likely limp into 8th or 9th and cannot see us winning the cups. We have hit the wall at the business end to f the season unfortunately. Squad far too thin with only 14 players really up to it and as mentioned many of them not technically good enough to play a possession game. And that is what is needed now teams have worked out how to stop us countering.

But my opinion is that Moyes is still the best fit while we have our owners. Any progression will be down to scouting and recruitment. January was abject failure. Get it right in summer and we could see a proper attempt at top 4 but get it wrong and we will slide especially if we lose our better players as a result .

Sven Roeder 10:27 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
Not sure either team had many chances.
We created virtually nothing in the second half particularly.
Watched a replay of MOTD where we were understandably on last and it looked a real effort to find play to show.

Noticeable to me that when we won the ball Willock was quick to drop in close to Rice to stop him having space to carry the ball.
By contrast our lack of pressing and effort meant Shelvey seemed to receive the ball in endless space all the time to start their attacks.
Our passing and interplay was turgid and basically abysmal. A couple of times we made some nice one touch connections on the left but it was never far enough up the pitch to see the player on the end beyond defenders and threatening the goal.
Teams have watched us early season and come up with solutions to stop us and we seem to have no response.

Rossal 10:02 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
My two pennies.....

Draw fair result, both teams had chances but on reflection a draw probably fair. What was disappointing was the way that Newcastle seemed to knock it around better and be more of a threat going forward than us. First 10 mins we couldnt get the ball off them, the only time we could retain possession was when the ball was going through Rice.

Their goal was a shit one to give away, how hard is it to keep the ball before half time and go in 1 up. We could of kept it...hit a stupid diag lose it.....get ball back try and keep it......easy balls were on and Zouma hits a stupid diag again and we lose it they run up the pitch and score. Yes the defending in our box was abysmal but we shouldnt of lose the ball in the first place. Really really shit goal to concede, too many goals towards the end of halfs lately Moyes needs to address it.

For the Soucek - Rice not working argument, have to remember/realise on saturday they were up against a 3 in the middle......very hard to get on top when Benrahma does little to drop in and the tracking back department. Soucek does however need a spell out the team. I thought the change on sat was drop Fornals in alongside Rice and put Vlasic into the 10. Taking Benny off every week is far too predictable and no good for Benny. Soucek needs to regain being a threat going forward as without it he is becoming more and more average.

Thought only Bowen looks like scoring in the team, Benny and Fornals again not good enough going forward. Not enough of a threat or laying on chances. Fornals as i keep saying isnt good enough to be an attacker in a top 6 team.

Antonio was much better, much like the Antonio of old until the two chances he gets he absolutely ballons over the bar. Goes to cross hits an air shot......just not good enough

comes down to the squad lacking ideas and invention, theyve gone stale....due to the amount of games theyve played.......teams have worked us out and without any fresh ideas added into the squad in January this squad now looks like theyre limping towards the finish line. With all the results after us going against us its turned into a bit of a shit weekend and with alot of teams near the bottom at home and the top sides away to come we may stutter even more. Certainly need a favourable Euro draw on friday if there is such a thing to progress through that they way we are playing.

Moyes and the owners must take responsibility for failing to deliver a squad that compete at the level they promised...especially after sitting so close to the top 4 at Christmas. The lack of ambition means its time to step up the efforts again to force them out.


arsegrapes 2:36 Mon Feb 21
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Newcastle - Official Match Thread FT 1-1
I got the feeling halfway through the transfer window that we wouldn't sign anyone of note and the Czech saying as much, got me thinking then that I wouldn't be surprised if GSB said to Moyes that there is no money for signings due to COVID in January and they aren't putting anymore money in until the sell in a couple of years and the Czech won't put money in until he has bought the club in a couple of years, but they know many players (11 at last count I think) are out of contract in the summer and better players will need improved contracts, Bowen, Soucek, Johnson so there will have to be a decent transfer kitty and that the only way of funding all that is to sell Declan and use the money.

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