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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 9:03 Sat Apr 23
Saturday football
Arsenal’s turnaround after a dismal start to the season that saw them bottom of the table for a short, but pleasing, time has been sensational. Man U have enjoyed another dreadful season, but they’re still capable of putting in a performance. A repeat by the hosts of the attitude that saw them trounce Chelsea will be enough to take them, at least briefly, above Spurs. Home win.

There’s little riding on this for either side, although Villa can theoretically still be relegated. Unlikely but possible and the Foxes would enjoy making the season’s final weeks a touch nervy for their visitors. Draw.

Two sides with critical, yet contrasting, investments in the outcome of this game. One will take a further step towards the title, the other to the Championship. Life’s a bummer. Home win.

Speaking of the Championship, for some it’s a second home. Next season, as Norwich battle again for promotion, the Barcodes are likely to be fighting for Europe. In a non-Russian, non-Ukrainian, non-Brexit, purely footballing sense, of course. Away win.


A battle of England’s lower latitudes. Brighton seem to have overcome their recent slump, while the Saints have entered what seems to have become a dramatic annual slump. But one they always manage to turn around. Draw.

Burnley’s decision to dispense with Sean Dyche seems as bizarre now as it did a week ago. Even if they have recorded two decent results since. They now have a sporting chance of beating Everton to survival. Wolves will hope to end the day level on points with us. The next sentence is accompanied by a hefty gargle of Listerine. Come on, you Clarets. Draw.

Is a wounded Chelsea the ideal opponent? Third is still theirs for the taking, although they’ll want another win or two to be sure of it. Our injury woes are well documented, and we don’t have our opponents’ luxury of a bench of competent internationals to call on. Chelsea looked poor and vulnerable against Arsenal a few days ago, but what does a 6-0 win at Southampton and a 1-4 home defeat to Brentford tell us about today? Presumably that they are beatable. But then so are we. A point or more will maintain our advantage over Wolves and, if Arsenal won yesterday, will keep us closer to Man U in sixth. David Moyes says the team is totally focussed on this game. That’s curiously hard to believe, with the Europa League semi-final on the immediate horizon. I’d bite your hand off for a point. Draw.

Scouse derbies always have a smell of cup final about them. If Burnley beat Wolves an hour ago, Everton will go into this in the relegation zone – albeit with a game in hand. Cup finals can be unpredictable. Not this one, though. Home win.


Leeds have done well to pull themselves somewhat away from the relegation zone under new manager Marsch. But they’re not fully out of the mire, far from it. Palace have had a fairly decent season, certainly better than most expected last August. They are now equidistant from today’s opponents and Leicester in ninth. So there’s still a lot for both sides to play for. Draw.


Intriguing. Draw.

So Fulham are back in the big time. They only have the title to wrap up now, which should be a formality. Look down, a long way down, and Derby and Barnsley are gone and to all intents and purposes Peterborough are too. Or will be today against play-off chasing Forest. As for the rest, Sheffield United have just agreed to be sold to American investors for £115 million (what does that value us at?) They’re currently sixth and their battle for a play-off place is largely with the four teams below them. Including Millwall. Wouldn’t it be luverly… Huddersfield, who consigned Barnsley to the drop last night, look set to fill the other play-off spots along with Luton and Forest. It's been a heck of a season in the Championship – in many ways a lot more exciting than the Premier League. Good on yer, Tier Two!

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simon.s 10:15 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Should have a least tried to make a move for Origi. Liverpool fan on the radio saying he’s probably scored more important goals for Liverpool than Gerrard did.

El Scorchio 9:46 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
I once watched a game he was commentating in where Liverpool lost to a late goal. He actually went into a sulk live on air and refused to name a man of the match. Should have been removed from his duties right there and then for gross unprofessionalism.

But I would bloody love him to be commentating if they lose it on live TV in heartbreaking fashion this season.

Sven Roeder 8:14 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
You can only hope Carragher is on the mic as Liverpool score a last minute og to lose the title on the final day.
Always enjoy a Spurs defeat more when Jermaine Jenas is commentating

That Diaz ... is he an Easter Island international?

El Scorchio 8:03 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Sven Roeder 7:58

Yes they should. It’s shit to have to listen to ex Liverpool or Man U players actively cheering them on from the commentary box week in week out. There was even a game on BT last year with Man City you had McManaman on- another lousy commentator- openly supporting the other team because of the knock on effect for Liverpool. It’s not right.

Long gone are the days of impartiality though.

collyrob 8:02 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
It’s a disgrace that spitty cunt is still employed by sky, and it’s an absolute loss take that he does Liverpool games.

El Scorchio 7:58 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
I thought I was listening to that fucking fan zone thing Sky used to do.

Was really hoping Liverpool fucked this up so they can’t win the league but I guess Everton being taken down by the fat cunt is some decent consolation

Sven Roeder 7:58 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Have always said Sky should exclude one eyed match commentators.
Carragher should have done Burnley v Southampton last Thursday & left this one for a proper analyst

El Scorchio 7:56 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
I really don’t understand how Sky can let the spitter commentate on games like this. He’s so biased to the point of unprofessionalism. Richarlison was playing the cunt but the commentator can’t be shouting at him to get up when all players including the ones in red shirts do it all the time. Everton fans must be fuming having to listen to him.

twoleftfeet 7:54 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Game over.

Everton don’t have a plan b.

boleyn8420 7:51 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
So the unbiased co-commentaotor says Liverpool really need to get their heads together here. All that was missing was a screeching scouse.... no that was there

boleyn8420 7:49 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
So how was that not a penalty, oh sorry it would have been against Liverpool, so no

collyrob 7:48 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
That was more of a foul than Dawson’s

Irons10 7:47 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
That was no different to Dawson's

New Jersey 7:39 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
If you claim a 'head injury' then it should be a mandatory replacement.

Sven Roeder 7:22 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Given Richarlison has gone down several times for 'head injuries' the referee should go to Lampard and insist he is substituted because of the obvious concussion he MUST be suffering from.

twoleftfeet 7:21 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Referee has been very weak on the time wasting.

happygilmore 7:20 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Everton have been disgusting in their cheating. I suppose they are following their manager's instructions.

twoleftfeet 7:17 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
Richarlison is a cheating cunt.

Sydney_Iron 5:19 Sun Apr 24
Re: Saturday football
That Bruno Fernandes Penelty, what the fuck is he on?

I cringed when he did that hop skip and jump, then it hit the post and I burst out laughing as that’s what it deserved im sure he try’s to get more and more outrageous with this technique, so happy to see it fail!

Texas Iron 11:32 Sat Apr 23
Re: Saturday football


pdcwhu 11:30 Sat Apr 23
Re: Saturday football
Texas. it's the World Class Strikers

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