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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

chav_corner 4:55 Sun Jul 24
Season Tickets.
Just put the following on www.hammersunited.com
Hope some of you find it helpful.

Our Guide to NFC Season Tickets

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication. It allows two devices (e.g. phone and a turnstile) to communicate with each other if they are ‘near’.

How does it work?

The turnstile will read the ticket in the same way as a contactless payment. It does not scan a barcode or a QR code. It will unlock the turnstile if the ticket is open on your phone and you hold your phone ‘near’ the reader.


The Premier League made the decision to move to digital ticketing. At the time the Premier League referenced COVID when they asked clubs to make the switch, although some feel the switch was inevitable. An NFC digital pass should give West Ham supporters an improved digital ticketing experience, in comparison to last season. It will be quicker and easier to get through the turnstiles.

How many times do I download it?

A season ticket holder will just need to download the pass once. Adding the pass to your phone before the start of the season is all you need to do. The pass will update as each game approaches; displaying a ticket for the coming game.

What if I have multiple tickets on one email account?

If you have multiple tickets, for example for you and your children, you can download them all to your phone if you wish. Then open and present each ticket to let people through. Alternatively you can send the tickets on. For example, your child may have a smartphone so you could email their ticket to them.

What if someone else uses my ticket?

Supporters should be aware that the terms and conditions they sign up to, when purchasing a ticket include the following:

‘Season Tickets are issued for your sole use and you shall not sell, dispose of, assign, transfer, lend or otherwise deal with the Season Ticket or the benefit of it to any other person without the prior written consent of the Club.’

Please note it seems it is possible for the NFC ticket to be downloaded to multiple devices. If someone else downloads your ticket (for example if two people share an email account) and uses it, it would not work again for that game. Once it has been ‘scanned’ for a game it cannot be scanned again. We believe the tickets would then update on both phones for the following game and be ready to be used again for that next fixture.

What if I want to transfer my ticket for one game?

The club permit ticket transfer via ticket forwarding. This allows you to send a single match ticket (from your season ticket) to someone else. That other person would not have access to your season ‘pass’ only a ‘pass’ generated for your ticket. This pass would just give them access to the one game you have forwarded. If you forward your ticket and it is accepted, you cannot use your original NFC season ticket pass for that one game.

How do I transfer my ticket for one game?

The recipient needs a client reference number. If they don’t have one, they will need to sign up to a West Ham account. Sign up is free and you are assigned a client ref number when you sign up. You can do this via the club website.

As the season ticket holder, you log in to your West Ham account to transfer the ticket and check your network. If the intended recipient is not in your network, add them in.

Shortly before each fixture, ticket forwarding will ‘open’ for that fixture. Select your profile and ‘view account menu’ in your West Ham account. Click ‘ticketing’ and ‘manage tickets’. Once ticket forwarding is open for each fixture, the option to forward a ticket for that fixture will appear here.

Select the supporter you wish to forward the ticket to, from your network.

The recipient must accept the ticket via their West Ham account.

What if I don’t have a smartphone or I am unable to use a smartphone?

This is the relevant extract from the guidance on the club website. This was published on 6 April 2022.

The Club is also conscious that a small number of Season Ticket Holders may not have access to a smartphone and we will continue to be inclusive and make sure we do everything we can to support all of our fans. Those Season Ticket Holders who do not have access to a smartphone will be able to request a physical Stadium access card with their photograph on ahead of the 2022/23 season.

This is the link to the full guidance from that section of the season ticket FAQs:

How will I access the Stadium for 2022/23? : Hammers Help (freshdesk.com)

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fraser 6:32 Thu Aug 4
Re: Season Tickets.
When applying in the away ticket ballot do they take payment or just card details.

If payment do they refund cash if unsuccessful?

crotty32 2:23 Thu Aug 4
Re: Season Tickets.
I have since the 22/7 been emailing the ticket office but no one will reply. West Ham will take every penny I can spend but if I ask for any thing that resembles customer service they go back to their happy place which is to ignore me.Thats OK I have previously dealt with Ms Keyes and Jake Burns and if they continue to ignore me I will do what I done last time.

charleyfarley 10:30 Thu Aug 4
Re: Season Tickets.
1964 my apologies looks like print at home option was only added after complaints..my mate took a printed copy last year, I didn't realise the option wasn't available for this year, but can't see them removing the option after the oiutcry

oioi 9:49 Thu Aug 4
Re: Season Tickets.
RONMAN ROSS 7:28 Thu Aug 4

What a great story. Proper old school attitude. Not happy so, at 88, he got on the train to the stadium, fronted them up with his problem came away with a result. Applaud that man.

IRONMAN ROSS 7:28 Thu Aug 4
Re: Season Tickets.

Nice piece on my great uncle there. Mentions my great aunt who died suddenly in January.

1964 12:17 Thu Aug 4
Re: Season Tickets.

Yes that’s right, but they sent it out. This way they are talking now is you download it yourself from your logged in account.

I keep reading conflicting info on all this, I believe they are changing it daily or even hourly without amending any previous info.

Will they offer this for all games or is it just to give them breathing space to sort out the shambles of the people who need access cards.

One thing is certain. - only at West Ham!

charleyfarley 11:58 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
1964 assume the email you received last year you still had to download pdf to your laptop or mobile and then print out from there

1964 11:42 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
charleyfarley 11:20 Wed Aug 3

Last year they sent an email automatically for each game that you could print.

oioi’s post and e ticketing says you download it yourself. That’s not the same as last year.

I’ve not seen that facility on my account before so I believe it’s only just been put on.

Where have you seen they will enable this for every match this season?

charleyfarley 11:20 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
1964...print facility has always been available...last year and will be for the rest of the season this year, the email you get is exactly the same as last year that offers you a pdf to download or a download to apple wallet etc. It was always there and I don't know why the club didn't make this clear from the outset

1964 10:52 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
oioi 7:55 Wed Aug 3

So you can now print your ticket out.

This must be because they are in a panic and haven’t got everything in place in time for Sunday.

Sure they won’t do this for every game.

West Ham are a shambles.

chav_corner 9:37 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
No age limit for season ticket card applications

I am so proud of the part Hammers United played in this.Even more proud of our fans that stood up to be counted.

To those who mocked us and said we were wasting our time I can only say....Next time please join us....When a determined fans organisation is backed by the fans we can achieve much together to improve things for West Ham fans.


oioi 7:55 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
Just seen this on Twitter, posted by Supporter Services:

For any supporters wanting to print their ticket at home for the Manchester City game:

1. Login to e-ticketing
2. Click the person icon in the top right.
3. Click manage tickets.
4. Select your ticket and click download tickets.

Please note once you've downloaded the PDF ticket your NFC digital pass will be inactive for this game. Ticket Forwarding and Ticket Exchange services will also no longer be available.

Everybody happy?

fraser 6:26 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
On the plus side, yous be able to avoid the Mrs..

Pub Bigot 5:57 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
OiOI, you wouldn't feel that way if you lost your phone. At least with a physical wallet, you're not entirely bollocksed. Lose your phone then, and you're inconvenienced.

fraser 5:55 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.

On The Ball 5:53 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
It's limited AFAIK

fraser 5:38 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
Can you access the stadium from any turnstile and walk around inside.. Or do you need to use the one on your ticket?

oioi 4:48 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
I'm of the opposite opinion. Everything is on my phone except my freedom pass. TFL don't offer a digital option so I have to carry the plastic card. Annoys me. No cash, no bank cards, no season ticket but I'm stuck with having to carry a plastic freedom pass.

Pub Bigot 4:39 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
Bill, you're right. A phone is a single point of failure.

I think someone said just buy a new phone. Won't help of all you had on you is your phone and you're away from home.

Buy physical tickets, use cash, keep a bank card on you, whenever you can, because convenience can become a nightmare.

one iron 4:29 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
i think your right mate, but if i lost it say in france, would a youngster help a britain.

oioi 2:57 Wed Aug 3
Re: Season Tickets.
If all else fails just ask a youngster. They’ll sort it.

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