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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 7:42 Sat Aug 6
Saturday football
They’re under starters’ orders, and they’re off. The new season kicks off barely 10 weeks after Brighton brought a positive campaign to a negative end. Arsenal raised the curtain with a regulation win at Selhurst Park last night. The first day often produces strange results, so expect the unexpected: Fulham? Forest? West H…


A newly-returned relegation contender kicks off the weekend-proper by hosting a title contender. Marco Silva’s Premier League record is mixed, but he has shown an ability to get things off to an impressive start. Flattering to deceive? Possibly. But there’s little to nothing to suggest anything but a resounding victory for the visitors as they get their assault on the title going. Away win.

The CHERRIES are back and their target will once again be survival. Under the seasonally-tanned Scott Parker, Bournemouth are unlikely to illuminate the Premier League with gung-ho ambition. Low-risk defence is preferable, nicking a draw here and there and breaking out against more vulnerable sides to grab all three points. Villa are arguably among the vulnerable, so expect a low-scoring draw.

But for a hefty dose of ee-by-good-fortune, this could easily have been Burnley hosting Wolves. It will be another tricky season for Leeds, particularly with the loss of key players, and they’ll do well to avoid the drop. As for Wolves, their squad too appears to be weaker that last season’s, the more so if Traore also departs. It’s hard to see an obvious winner here. Draw.

The minted Geordies will expect a stellar season. Forest, even with the minted Lingard, will aspire to a second successive season back in the top flight, though a very tough nine months lie ahead. Home win.

However much you may lack appreciation for Spurs, they have strengthened well this summer and look set for a serious and, crucially, sustained attack on the top four. Conte’s a moody bugger, but he knows how to motivate his players. Underestimate the Cocks at your peril. The Saints have so far managed to keep hold of Ward-Prowse and he’s likely to be pivotal to any success they may enjoy this season. Success in this case meaning survival. Home win.

Everton have been linked with more mid- to high-level players this summer than Chelsea have on their books. Which is saying something. For FLJ, you’d expect this season to be make or break for his managerial career. Another campaign flirting with the bottom three will likely see the P45 brandished, but it’s hard to see them finishing above mid-table. Chelsea will hope to mount a serious title challenge and they’ll be too strong for the Toffees this evening. Away win.


The Foxes seem to be losing their lustre of recent seasons. The influential Schmeichel has gone and they’re having to work hard to keep the likes of Maddison. Expect a mid-to lower table finish for them. Brentford will also have to work to match last season’s achievement. Second season syndrome for them, but they could well snatch a point this afternoon. Draw.

Brighton have become something of an irritant. They’ve started the last two seasons strongly before a lack of squad depth moved them down the table. It will be good to see them get a good hiding at the hands of what may be a rejuvenated Man U side. The Old Trafford faithless will be wondering what they have in Erik ten Hag. Will he be the one that returns them to the lofty heights with which they were once familiar? Or will he be just one more in a line-up of Solskjaer, Mourinho, van Gaal and another? Still, you’d expect him to get off to a promising start today. Home win.

It’ll be good to get this one out of the way early doors. A free hit, some will call it, but – like Alex V – others may prefer that hit to come a little later in the season. Many supporters have been calling for just one more signing, give it to me, and will look forward to their first glimpse of Scamacca in the claret and blue, deliciously ice cool from Italy. (Who does the cones in training?) Most other occupants of those shirts will seem strangely familiar. Will they still be so in a month’s time? Let’s see. For now, a fixture that was once an exercise in damage limitation – the more so with City’s addition of a strange-looking fellow who’s counted among the world’s elite – still has a sniff of opportunity about it. Not three months ago we played out a 2-2 draw against City, having been 2-0 up at half time. So with a touch of fortune, there’s no reason we can’t get something from this game. Draw.

The second tier is a week ahead of the Premier League and Millwall top the early table going into the weekend. This season promises to be another marathon battle of blood and mud and guts in the finest tradition of English football. Of the relegated sides, Watford and Burnley look the strongest while Boro, Blackburn and West Brom will want to claim a play-off place at least. League 1 welcomes Derby after more than three decades away. The Rams should trot back to the Championship with ease. Trot – is that what rams do?

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Sven Roeder 7:53 Mon Aug 8
Re: Saturday football
They reckon its because they have commentary rights to the 5.30 game and cant fit it in what with talking to some Premier league manager
Reckon they give regular scores blah blah
Obviously most people can find results on their phone but as someone said many people are in their cars listening after leaving a match so shouldnt be looking at their phones.

Will be forced into a backdown I am sure
Only positive is that the WOMAN (WOMAN!) who reads them is a Spurs fan so maybe she will be redeployed to read out recipes on Womans Hour

, 7:24 Mon Aug 8
Re: Saturday football
On a Saturday football theme I see that the BBC are dropping the 5pm reading of the day’s results.

Mike Oxsaw 10:26 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football

Mike Oxsaw 6:40 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Manuel 6:25 Sun Aug 7

Don't read my "shit" then. Simple enough to do unless you're scared of "missing something" and are forced to do so.

Manuel 6:25 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Oxsaw - Do you ever give it a rest rest with your pointless, inane ramblings? Go for a walk, anything, just give us a fucking rest ffs.

Mike Oxsaw 6:14 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
To demonstrate their impartiality and equality ethos, a link to the Man U/Brighton game did eventually appear on the main BBC news web page - after Man U had pulled a goal back - which was also their hook-line.

happygilmore 6:11 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
paulon 6:05 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Ten Haag trying to buy Arnautovic


What's so bad about that?

Texas Iron 6:06 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
2 obvious VAR pro United decisions…

No pen for Brighton…Obvious push

Utd goal hit hand befor going in…should have been disallowed per rules

paulon 6:05 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Ten Haag trying to buy Arnautovic


RBshorty 6:05 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Reckon it’s going to be Ten “Game” Hag from now.?

Mike Oxsaw 6:01 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Neither Liverpool ot Man U won on the opening day. That will go some way to dulling the pain later.

Expect SE Asia (and the media) to implode with grief.

kylay 6:00 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Man united still shit. Hopefully a good omen for our game

RBshorty 6:00 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
O’dear. Looks like our residential ManU fan ain’t going to be too happy tonight.

ted fenton 5:59 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
GREAT Justice is done

Mike Oxsaw 5:43 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
10 minutes for the officials to ensure that Man U don't come out of this empty handed.

cygnet 5:40 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
I was wondering if it was just me..? Anywhere else on the pitch that was a foul. How they decide it's not a pen is beyond me. Then the ball literally runs off the Man U player's arm and forced over over the line by another player who was offside and they give a goal. Unreal

happygilmore 5:38 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Yep, the VAR rule might be a bit silly, but it does state that if the ball comes off a player's hand/arm and leads to a goal, if should be disallowed.

Different VAR rules for this lot though.

ted fenton 5:35 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Brighton getting robbed here !!!

Maguire bigger cnut than ever.

Tomshardware 5:32 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Brighton played us off the park twice last season, good footballing side.

lowlife 5:20 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
Clear penalty. Is it corruption or just incompetence? Winds me right up - ridiculous to not give that and then to do the check so quickly.

Manuel 5:19 Sun Aug 7
Re: Saturday football
VirginiaHam 4:58 Sun Aug 7

Man. Utd relegation thread?''

This shit finished above us, so wind it in a bit.

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