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Steven P 2:09 Tue Feb 12
Laser eye surgery
Anyone had it done? Any success stories, recommended companies and price it cost you?

I only know one guy who had it done and it has seriously messed up his eyes!

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gph 4:04 Fri Feb 15
Re: Laser eye surgery
Leatherhead - send an invoice to the board...

sanfrancis-co-uk 11:59 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
Ag Ag, cheers for clearing that up Blindman,thought it was odd how you read the thread!

Leatherhead Hammer 11:49 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
I decided to have it done 3 years ago, after watching our home game with Spurs from the BMU. I realised that, as I couldn't make out what was happening when the ball was down the other end, when watching a night game without glasses, I might as well be blindfolded when we moved to the OS. I had my eyes done through Optical express and it worked a treat. I just need to sort my teeth out now.

Nurse Ratched 11:42 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
Arf! @ blindman

blindman 11:28 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
Sanfran. I should clear up why the username first, in case you thought I'm in the white cane club. I sell blinds and curtains.

I actually know quite a few people who have had laser surgery, and they are all in the moderately to very successful category, although some are starting to need glasses 10 or so years after the procedure.

I had radial keratotomy 35 years ago and was okay for about 10 years - used to be very short-sighted and now am very long-sighted. My ideal focal distance is around Jupiter nowadays.

My comments are purely from hearing the stories from the unsuccessful outcomes, although a big gripe amongst these people is the practitioners' definition of 'success'. Very loose, by all accounts. I would really recommend having a good look at the lasik/lasek survivors' facebook site. There is a very good chance that the procedure will be effective and all will be well. The price to pay if it is not makes the gamble too big a risk in my opinion.

Grumpster 10:29 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
Worked with a couple of chaps who'd had it done and they both swore by I.

In fact I think one was due to go back for seconds as it had been 10 years since having it done and he considered the 2k good value as he easily spent that on specs in that period anyway.

I've never even had my eyes tested in my entire life for some reason.

Cheezey Bell-End 9:16 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
I got contacts largely through vanity.. I was 23 and self conscious.
By the time I had surgery, I was past giving a shit. I wanted to see without fingerprints on my lenses, without glasses on the end of my nose while I struggled to read, and in situations where they aren't practical such as in the shower. I also always had to worry about keeping them safe, especially when sleeping on planes etc.

lowermarshhammer 9:04 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
High street opticians take the piss so I like to take the piss out of them. Get a voucher for a free eye test, get the prescription, say thank you and walk out.

Asda opticians are the best value for complete specs and lenses. No extra charge for thin lenses. If my prescription has changes I'll normally get three or pairs. Normal vision, reading, sunglasses, Polaroid sunglasses for fishing. Doing it this way saves at least £250 and probably a lot more.

No way would I go for surgery, that's for vain cunts imho.

I like being a four eyed cunt, it's never bothered me in the slightest.

Cheezey Bell-End 9:00 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
munkyfunk 7:49 Thu Feb 14
I'm not sure RLE is a more pleasant experience. I had weird eyes for months after. Driving would have been impossible.
After the lenses go in, they are loose until the tissue heals. When you look at something, your brain tries to focus and sends a signal to the muscles that used to control your lenses. This caused a wobble in the lens. I remember walking through Canary Wharf shops at 5pm and having to feel my way along the shop fronts because all the people walking towards me were making my eyes go nuts.
I was also very light sensitive fo a few weeks and had to wear sunglasses at my desk.
I would do it again though.

Cheezey Bell-End 8:50 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
blindman 12:06 Thu Feb 14

I'm not confusing it. I'm discussing an option based on personal experience which the OP might be better suited to. If Lasik was an option for me, I would have chosen it.
If you read forums about lens replacement, there are bad experiences too. But I went ahead and it worked out.

sanfrancis-co-uk 7:59 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
Blindman,I'm not taking the piss here,but are you speaking from experience?

munkyfunk 7:49 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
I had lasik, I tried for rle lens replacement but because I was under 50 nobody would do it.
Much rather rle as lasik is not a pleasant experience at all.

blindman 12:06 Thu Feb 14
Re: Laser eye surgery
People seem to be confusing lens replacement and lasik. Lens replacement is a very effective and safe procedure. Lasik/lasek can be incredibly damaging to the eye and bears no similarity with the lens replacement procedure, and is hawked by money-grabbing charlatans.

Cheezey Bell-End 4:15 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery
I read that as rectal tears first time...

gph 4:08 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery

Well, it's good that at least one of us is safe from retinal tears.

Cheezey Bell-End 4:04 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery
I was actually long sighted.. Without glasses, I was effectively blind. After the surgery I could read tiny typefaces unaided.

MikeHammer 3:50 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery
It worked very well for me ... 21 years ago and still ... but I would always recommend people do loads of reading of their own sight issue

gph 3:41 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery
I've recently been freaked out by a disadvantage of short-sight I hadn't heard of - susceptibility to retinal tears.

Before I had my cataracts done, I was very short-sighted, at CBE levels, and now I've had a retinal tear detected and stabilised.

The long (back-to-front) shape of the myopic eyeball is to blame.

Mine was on the extreme periphery of my retina, so I didn't even notice when it happened, but now I'm a little worried I might get another, more central

Cheezey Bell-End 3:33 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery
I used to wear contacts and it made me less squeamish about my eyes. I went from an hour long fight with my eyelids to being able to touch my corneas, which I don't recommend.
At the surgery, they give you a sedative, which may have been a placebo. I was mildly stressed, but was more interested in what was happening and just wanted to get it done.
I remember the laser making the lens go brown and seeing this paisley pattern light show as it cut the lens up. I then had a clear view of the surgeon using a tube to sick the remains of the lens out then insert the new one, which popped open like a little contact lens.
Back at the hotel, I had to walk through the breakfast room to get to my room. Everyone went silent as I walked through with a patch on my eye.
I would rather go through that again than go to the dentist. Hence my teeth are a mess.

Darlo Debs 1:58 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery
I.hate the thought of my eyes being operated on or having laser treatment. I get twitchy on a contact lens check.appointment.

boleyn8420 1:54 Wed Feb 13
Re: Laser eye surgery
Had cataracts in both eyes done and it was like going from a fuzzy old black and white TV with a fuzzy screen on a dark night in the fog to ultra high def 4k Ultra wide screen. Have to wear specs for reading but so what. I can see for miles and I am no longer a danger to myself and other road users.Plus I can now find the fucking golf bal, obviously because i hit it such a long way.

Amazing, all on the NHS so no cost. East Grinstead eye hospital, amazing, thanks for the new eyes last year at 61

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