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lewisnadasurf1 4:09 Thu Jan 28
Maths Question

Brentford started with 6 left footed players in their Starting XI last night (prob a record, but doubt these are counted).

From google, the odds of being left footed in general are 12.1% (just use that as a yard stick, no caveats)

So what are the odds on their being 6 out of 11 players being left footed?

Can anyone work it out?

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:30 Fri Jan 29
Re: Maths Question
It's easier being left-footed.

Coufal has to compete with 88% of the world's population for that right back spot, but Cresswell only has to fight off 12%.

Dandy Lyon 9:42 Fri Jan 29
Re: Maths Question
There are a lot of left footed goalkeepers. I’ve often wondered why that is.

When I say ‘often’ I mean once or twice

Chigwell 6:43 Fri Jan 29
Re: Maths Question
What were the odds of seven of our 1964 Cup Final team (when you could have only 11 players with no subs) having surnames starting with B?

Dowies Love Child 4:58 Fri Jan 29
Re: Maths Question
The answer to this question cannot be calculated with the information at hand.
Using the information that 12% of the population are left footed would only be relevant if the Brentford's managers selection policy was to randomly select 11 individuals from anywhere in the world to play the match.
To calculate the odds you would need to go through each position and assign a probability of selection in that position of every player on the list. For example at West Ham what is the probability in any game of the men's first team Goalkeeper having a vagina. Now just over 50% of the population have vaginas but none of them are currently employed in the men's West Ham team in a goalkeeping role. Therefore it would be correct to state that the probability of this event happening would be 0, at least now that Adrian has left.

blindman 10:25 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
The odds of 6 out of 11 of Brentford's team being left-footed is 100% because 6 out of 11 of Brentford's team are left-footed.

geoffpikey 8:10 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
What are the odds of having your best-paid player being 100% left-footed but 99% useless?

* Does traditional Ukrainian dance/fallover.

mallard 7:55 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
*Googles Pascals Triangle*

Mex Martillo 7:44 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
Dr. Matt is right as its not random, it was the managers choice.
If it was random, crap players like myself would have a chance, but I can tell its 0% chance for me.

Mace66 7:17 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
11 binomial / 6 binomial * 5 binomial will give you the number of permutations of 6 left footers out of 11

11*10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1 = 39916800

6*5*4*3*2*1 = 720

5*4*3*2*1 = 120

39916800 / (720*120) = 462 permutations

The probability of any 1 of those combinations is 12.1%*12.1%*12.1%*12.1%*12.1%*12.1%*87.9%*87.9%*87.9*87.9%*87.9% = 0.00000165

So the probability of there being 6 left footers out of 11 is

462 * .00000165 = 0.000761 ( or .076% )

BRANDED 6:38 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
I think was is more interesting about this is that a significant minority has earned the right to take their place in the team where the manager wasn’t swayed against using them or was encouraged by the fact they were talented lefties.
Of course it might mean lefties have a much better chance of getting ahead if they are the same overal skill set as a righty.

Dr Matt 6:07 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question

The manager chose to pick them.

The odds of having 6 left footed players is quite high if you choose to buy players to fit that system.

gph 5:29 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
I haven't read this


but the headline seems to be that 22% of footballers across the top 5 European Leagues are left-footed.

As it has three categories, left-, right- and, er, ambi-footed, if the members of the third category were forced to choose, that would push up the number left-footed players up even further.

Mad Dog 5:15 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
OK then if we take into account 2 are always left footed we multiply by 126.

However if we then take into account 2 are usually right footed then we multiply by 35 (making it in effect 4 players from 7) including 2 constants on either wing

Making it 0.51%

.121^4 * .879^3 * 35

lewisnadasurf1 5:00 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
Thanks - yes the question was asked on a forum about whether this was a record - the obvious caveat being you're right - football teams are more likely to have left footed players - lowering the 1 in 1400. meaning the odds already are not that high and its likely that some team has started with more lefties in their team than the 6 brentford started last night.

atb trev 4:56 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
Mad dogs answer is the correct answer for finding 6 left footed people in a random sample of 11 people in the population.

That is not the same as the chances of 6 left footed players in a game of football. Most teams start with at least 2.

If you really wanted to find out the real world chances of finding 6 left footed football players in the starting 11 of a randomly selected game of football you'd need to use a statistics based approach rather than a probabilities based approach. i.e find the number of left footed players in a starting line up in your sample of games. Then divide the occurrences of 6 in the starting lineup by the number of games in your sample.

gph 4:55 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
"This is well beyond even GCSE maths"


Because I went to a shit school (and had to go to a better one to do A Levels), I only did CSE Maths. Only the top grade of a CSE was equal to an O Level (the third grade of that).

But I'm pretty sure we did the binomial theorem* in the CSE.

*As applied perfectly by Mad Dog

lewisnadasurf1 4:53 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
Rico Henry is def prem quality.

geoffpikey 4:50 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
We're any of them a left back we can buy for £39m? :-)

lewisnadasurf1 4:48 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
Thanks Mad Dog, appreicate it.

It is my own question as i wanted to know the odds. I salute you!

geoffpikey 4:48 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
1314 to 1?

Lump ON! Taking account of the lesser possibility of it happening twice...

Mad Dog 4:40 Thu Jan 28
Re: Maths Question
Maths teacher btw.

This is well beyond even GCSE maths

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